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Questions - Your Vacation

Below are a few things to consider and answers to a few common questions in preparation for your trip to Nantucket. You can also find more under Information Links.

Q: Can we bring our car?
A: Yes you can bring your car. We strongly advise you to make your reservations as early in the season as possible to ensure you'll get your car onto and off the ferry at the same time you'd like to vacation here. Contact the Steamship Authority for more information. If you cannot make a car reservation there are still plenty of other ways to get around the island - such as the Island Shuttle system Taxi's and on-island car rentals.

Q: What clothes do we need?
A: The weather on Nantucket can be quite varied - in fact Nantucket is also known as the Grey Lady. You can have perfectly sunny days, to days where it rains and moments latter the sun is shinning and an hour later you are surrounded by thick fog. Bring your swimming outfit, but also a light rain jacket and sweater. There are also plenty of places in town to get sweatshirts and such. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Q: What about food?
A: There are several medium sized supermarkets on Nantucket including a Stop & Shop. Also available is a farmers market at Bartlett Farms. We recommend shopping very early in the morning or latter in the evening on the day of your arrival as it very difficult to find parking during the day. There are of course plenty of restaurants, including some sandwich, cheese, bagel and other specialty stores. If you don;t want to cook for yourself - there are lots of great restaraunts and eateries all around the island.

Q: Pharmacy?
A: There are several pharmacies on Nantucket.

Q: Banks - ATM's?
A: There are plenty of Banks and ATM machines strewn strategically about Nantucket. Although most places take credit cards, you will find places that only deal in cash - so you will need to have some cash on hand.

Q: What are average restaurant prices like?
A: There is a pretty wide diversity in dining experiences on Nantucket. Plan on spending around $9 for a sandwich, $12 to $15 on a salad and $20+ on a main dish. Some of our favorites include the SeaGrille, Oran Mor and the Brotherhood of Thieves.

Q: What are drink prices like?
A: Think resort pricing. Basic drinks will run $10 on up and an average wine/beer will start at $8. You can purchase adult beverages at liquor stores for home or private beach consumption. The Jetties Beach area near town has both a casula restaraunt and outdoor grille with drinks available.

Q: What about pets?
A: We have pets ourselves and understand your desire to bring your pets for vacation, however we generally no longer allow pets due to previous tenants abusing this privilege. Much of the previous furniture (less than 2 years old) had to be thrown out due to stains and odors. Sorry.

Q: Can you tell us more about the house?
A: The houses in Tristram's Landing are more contemporary but still generally follow the lines and styles of Nantucket Architecture. Since purchasing the property in July, 1995 we have undertaken both major and minor repairs and renovations to the property. The building was originally set upon a block foundation with a crawlspace, but has since been lifted and a full poured concrete basement with drainage has been added to eliminate the moisture and mold odor problems common with this type of setting. We are also converting the attached garage to a new guest suite and have updated the mechanical systems to modern and efficient appliances. The kitchen has been updated with modern cabinets, counters and appliances and the old aluminum style windows were replaced with modern Andersen windows. We will not schedule renovation work on the building during your vacation, so the renovation process is slower than normal, and we ask that you stay out of these areas until they are complete. We hope you come back and enjoy these once completed. You can see more pictures of the house in the Photo Gallery.